The Poacher's Pocket Antiques story

I'm Lee Newman, a retired Royal Navy Officer, serving worldwide for over a quarter of a century, but I have been a collector of antiques and vintage items all my life. Poacher's Pocket Antiques is a growing new business, established in 2019; a natural extension of my lifelong passion for country sports and the British countryside, and an inspiration for my work. I buy stock that I love, hoping that others will share my aesthetic and appreciation of old, historic relics of yesteryear.

Lee Newman, Poacher's Pocket Antiques

Our buyers are generally interior designers, collectors, home decorators or nostalgia hunters, each with their own interests and agenda. Although our stock is themed with hunting, shooting and fishing items, we find that our buyers are often not hunters, shooters or fishers at all! We don't profess to being experts in everything, but we do have more than a working knowledge and interest and we're continually learning as we move forward.

The country home, man cave or restful retreat can be thoughtfully decorated with our pieces to bring timeless charm, subtle colour or a tactile nature, improving its authenticity and natural character. Ardent collectors can often find rare or sought after items amongst our stock, as we seek the unusual and attractive. We generally don't make any alterations or carry out repair or restoration to our items, preferring the 'as sourced' look to enable the buyer to present the piece to their preference.

We are working hard to present quality items fresh to the market; these treasures can be hard to locate and purchase, so it does take time and effort. We buy from private collections, auction houses, antiques fairs and many others. At present we have a small staff, and as such often need to be on the road, sourcing more great and interesting stock from around the UK. As such, it is always best to send a message to check that we're around if you're planning to visit us, so that you're not disappointed if we are closed.

Do you have an item or collection of items that you would like to sell?

We're always looking out for quality stock in our theme. If you have any interesting items or collections that you're considering selling then please contact us with no obligation, with details and photographs, if possible. Purchasing items directly from source usually works out far better for us and you, avoiding unnecessary sales or auction fees.